CSPO Editorial Board member appointed to White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force

20 Apr 2016New Orleans, USA

Image credit: Katya Kadyshevskaya, Kuhn Laboratory, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Dr Jerry Lee, Editorial Board member of IOP Publishing’s journal Convergent Science™ Physical Oncology (CSPO), has been appointed to the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force.

The Moonshot initiative, announced earlier this year by US President Barack Obama, aims to accelerate cancer research, patient treatment and care.

Headed up by Vice-President Joe Biden, the task force will focus on making the most of federal investments, cancer research and patient engagement initiatives. Dr Lee will serve as Deputy Director for Cancer Research and Technologies.

Dr Lee works as Deputy Director of the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University where he continues his research in the biophysics of aging and cancer.

Pernille Hammelsoe, Associate Director, Journals, at IOP Publishing said: “We are delighted to hear this news on Dr Lee’s behalf. Dr Lee joined the CSPO board in June 2015, not long after the journal had launched. With his wealth of experience in leading major successful strategic technology initiatives at the NCI, I’m certain that Dr Lee will contribute brilliantly to this prestigious project initiated directly by the White House.”

The CSPO team is at the American Association for Cancer Research’s Annual Meeting, which comes to a close today. Vice-President Joe Biden and Dr Jill Biden will be addressing the delegates at the “Highlights 2016: Vision for the Future” Plenary Session, available by live webcast.

CSPO is the first journal dedicated to physical oncology. It focuses on how experimental and theoretical science contributes to a better understanding of cancer complexity as it evolves in the patient and to the development of more effective diagnostic and treatment strategies. As part of the journal’s launch phase, all content in CSPO will be free to read for individual users, universities and academic research institutes until the end of 2016. Go to iopscience.org/cspo.