New look for IOPscience

05 Feb 2010 iopp"> iopp

Our smart new design for IOPscience is now live. As well as a cleaner, more modern look, the updated site exploits some best-of-breed web technologies to make IOPscience even easier to navigate than before.

We haven’t changed or moved any of the core functionality, so the new design shouldn’t affect the way you navigate through the site. But we have introduced some new interface tools, such as login and information pop-ups, that will make some features more intuitive to use.

Part of the new design is a new editorial feature for Nanotechnology. On the journal’s homepage you will see a new section called LabTalk, which includes short articles that highlight the key findings of a research article. These articles are written by the authors of the research paper to give you an instant insight into their research work.