New format for 95,000 articles to deliver enhanced reading experience

28 Jul 2015 iopp"> iopp

A couple of years ago we launched the article evolutionTM programme designed to improve the online delivery of our research articles, making all our new content going forward available in an enhanced HTML view, in addition to the standard PDF.

As well as publishing in this way going forward, we are also keen to invest in our past content and authors.

This is why, over the past few months, we have been working to make 95,000 full-text PDF articles also have a full-text HTML version. The HTML improves the appearance of an article and makes it easier for readers to interact with the research online as it provides additionally functionality.

Readers can zoom in and out of images, making it easier to look at complex details and structures and export them into presentations. Video abstracts are embedded within the enhanced HTML article and there is also the option to view mathematics using MathJax technology.

As of this week, 25,000 articles that were published 2010-2011 are now available with both HTML and PDF formats. A further 70,000 articles published 2004-2009 will be released as full text HTML in the coming months.

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