IOPscience express for the iPhone

11 Jan 2010 iopp"> iopp

We are pleased to announce the launch of IOPscience express, an iPhone application that has been designed to keep you up to date with the latest articles to appear in IOP-owned journals.

IOPscience express allows you to view and download articles that have been published in IOP-owned journals over the last two years. You can also search for relevant articles, and email information about selected articles to yourself or a colleague to enable access to the article from a desktop computer.

Browse: IOPscience express by default displays the latest 25 papers to be published across all IOP-owned journals. You can also choose to view the latest 25 articles to be published in a particular journal, or in a particular subject area.

Search: IOPscience express enables you to search for content published in IOP-owned journals over the last two years. Simply enter your keywords to retrieve your results; previous searches are saved in a list for quick selection.

Explore: Article listings include the title, first author and journal name. Clicking on an article displays the full citation and abstract for the article, and you can also opt to view the full text of the article in PDF format.

Download: IOPscience express allows you to download up to 20 articles per month to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can see at a glance how many downloads you have remaining. Please note that re-installing or updating the application will cause any previously downloaded articles to be lost.

Email: You can email details of particular articles to yourself or to a colleague to make it easy to access the article from a desktop computer. The link provided in the email will take you to the online abstract page, and from there you can access the full text if you or your institution subscribe to the journal. If not, the article can be purchased online by clicking on the full text link.

We recommend that you download IOPscience express from the App Store on your iPhone, but you can also access the application via the iTunes Store.