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Shared goals, sharing success.

IOP Publishing is a truly collaborative partner who will work with you to develop your publishing programme, address your specific needs and opportunities, and promote and deliver your content globally.

When you are looking for a publishing partner you want to work with someone who knows the STM publishing market and can meet the challenges it brings. This is what we offer at IOP Publishing. As a society publisher ourselves, we understand the major issues you face. Combining society publisher credentials with commercial efficiencies and industry expertise, we can offer you expert guidance and advice on critical publishing issues such as discoverability, open access and Web 2.0 and 3.0.

We know that your publications are key to achieving your mission and critical to developing and promoting your discipline within your community. We know your reputation is in our hands.

So we put you first. Our knowledge and skills are at your disposal, working hard to promote you and your publications, to increase your visibility and impact within your community.

We publish more than 70 journals, ebooks and a few magazines. Just over half of the publications are published in partnership with other learned societies and research organisations, with the balance being wholly owned by IOP Publishing.

We operate at a sufficient scale to have our own content-delivery platform and our own global sales force, but we are not so large that we lose sight of the interests of our publishing partners or the scientific communities that we serve. As a part of a learned society, we are committed to providing high-quality publishing services to authors, readers, librarians and partners. We work with the scientific community, generating the surpluses from our operations that enable the Institute of Physics and our partners to fulfil their charitable missions.

In all our partnerships we strive to understand and deliver what our partners prize most, whether that is sustainable revenues, visibility, fast high-quality production, technical innovation, or some combination of all of these.

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