Libraries are at the centre of the scientific community – from small colleges to the largest universities; start-up firms to international corporations. The library is one of the fundamental reference points for all of the information on which researchers, teachers, technologists, doctors and engineers base their decision-making. As trained information professionals, librarians are the principal contact when it comes to ensuring that relevant research is available when and where it is needed in both academia and industry.

IOP Publishing is proud to have a close working relationship with thousands of librarians around the world. The feedback and advice of librarians about everything from coverage to pricing and delivery methods is critical in shaping the way we provide our publications to the scientific community.

We appreciate the many conflicting demands on librarians’ time and provide services designed to ease some of that burden. We have a dedicated area focused on the specific needs of librarians. Here, users can request usage statistics, add their logo to brand their IOPscience pages, check on IOP Publishing details and view our Product Catalogue for other pertinent information.

IOP Publishing takes an active role in many library organisations including the American Libraries Association, the Special Libraries Association and the UK Serials Group. We are committed to working in partnership with these groups because we share the same dedication to the dissemination of high-quality information. Our involvement with these important library groups enables us to work towards achieving mutual goals.

Librarians play an invaluable role as facilitators when information needs to be shared with scientists and researchers. There are a number of services IOP Publishing offers to support librarians. Free RSS feeds and e-mail alerts enable librarians to encourage their patrons to customise usage. Through effective cataloguing and online collection lists and databases, librarians can provide their users with seamless access to millions of pages of content. Publicising important papers and discoveries on their websites further enhances the progress of science.

We offer support materials such as user guides, posters and postcards, which are designed to help librarians to promote the content they provide to their users.

IOP Publishing’s commitment to libraries and librarians worldwide is a top priority and we invite feedback and comments to ensure we are always providing the best possible service.