IOP Publishing and ProQuest work together to make physics-related graduate works easy to search and browse

11 Jun 2010 iopp"> iopp

IOP Publishing (IOP) has announced that it is working with ProQuest to allow IOPscience extra customers to browse and search for relevant dissertations and theses held in the acclaimed ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) database.

ProQuest is the world’s leading repository of graduate works, and this agreement will enable IOPscience extra customers to view citation and abstract information for dissertations and theses held in the ProQuest database for all subject areas covered by IOP-hosted journals. For the first time researchers will be able to browse and search for physics-related graduate works alongside the peer-reviewed journal content in IOPscience extra.

“We are delighted to add ProQuest’s dissertation data to IOPscience extra” said Tony O’Rourke, Assistant Business Director for IOP. “Dissertations provide another layer of information for researchers and its availability in IOPscience extra will help promote new researchers and their work to the larger academic community. IOPscience extra already contains more than 300,000 journal articles and links to preprint articles hosted by arXiv (Cornell University) and ProQuest dissertations will be an invaluable addition.”

Austin McLean, Director of Dissertation Publishing for ProQuest said, “Dissertations and theses play a pivotal role in research, providing a view of the past and a window into the future. Through this agreement, IOPscience extra customers will have a convenient source of not only emerging research, but also a unique archive of landmark graduate works that can show the evolution of thought in physics.”

The seminal repository of intellectual property and emerging research from the world’s great universities, PQDT has been chosen by United States Library of Congress as the official archive of American dissertations. Researchers rely on PQDT as both a source of enlightening information and as a pivotal component in making their own scholarly production available to the world’s intellectual communities. The archive is managed at ProQuest by a team of scholars and technologists, who combine their talents to make the archive accessible, reliable and supported by continually advancing technology.

IOP will provide further details about the availability of ProQuest information in IOPscience extra soon.