Customer Services

Electronic Product Support

For all electronic web services including IOPscience, the Librarians Channel, and COUNTER usage statistics, please send all enquiries to the following e-mail address:

Matthew Keen

Customer Services Manager, Electronic Product Support

Cole Charron

Customer Service Representative for North, Central and South America

Matthew Bennett

Customer Service Representative

Emily Hurley

Customer Service Representative

Oliver Lucas

Customer Service Representative

Sarah Plenty

Customer Service Representative



Journals Circulation and Fulfilment

For subscription invoicing, order processing, print distribution and renewals, please contact:
UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific –//
The Americas –//

In the Americas, subscription invoicing, order processing, print distribution and renewals are carried out by Cambey & West on behalf of IOP Publishing, Inc. They can be reached at (800) 358-4677 (toll free) or (845) 267-3018. Customer service inquiries can be directed to Cole Charron at// .

Anne Callaghan

Customer Services Manager, Journals Circulation and Fulfilment

Marie Avery

Cash Administrator

Dawne Goodwin

Subscription Administrator, Journals


Robert Tovey

Subscription Administrator, Journals