PPCF Dendy Award winners announced

17 May 2018

Scientists from Japan, Korea and the UK have been named as the winners of the PPCF Dendy Europe-Asia Pacific Award for Outstanding Research Collaboration in Plasma Physics, for outstanding collaboration in plasma physics.

Presented by the IOP Publishing journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (PCCF), the award is in honour of Professor Richard Dendy’s contributions both to plasma physics, and to PCCF as its Editor-in-Chief since 2005.

The members of the winning collaboration are:

  • Dr Hajime Urano, National Institutes for Quantum Radiological Science and Technology, Japan
  • Dr Costanza Maggi, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK
  • Professor Ohjin Kwon, Daegu University, Republic of Korea
  • Dr Samuli Saarelma, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK

The collaboration between the winners expanded the understanding of pedestal physics in tokamak plasmas, through multi-machine comparison experiments and theoretical analysis.

The physical phenomena they addressed include: plasma shaping effects; neutral particles; global plasma beta; toroidal magnetic field ripple; and edge rotation.

Their work has led to more accurate models for predicting pedestal properties in the future ITER and DEMO fusion experiments.

The members of the following collaboration were Highly Commended by the award committee:

  • Dr Michel Koenig, Ecole Polytechnique, France
  • Dr Norimasa Ozaki, Osaka University, Japan
  • Dr Yasuhiro Kuramitsu, National Central University, Taiwan

IOP Publishing congratulates the winners and the highly commended collaboration.