IOP Publishing – Adding Value to Scientific Publishing

Impact, return on investment, cross-disciplinary teams, international collaboration: just some of the drivers that are reshaping scientific research, and along with it scientists’ expectations of information providers and information services in an increasingly digital world.

At IOP Publishing, we make it our business to anticipate and respond to changes in researchers’ information practices as a result of new digital technologies.

To do that, we partner with key stakeholders – funding agencies, librarians, professional societies and industry associations – to deliver a best-in-class scholarly publishing service for the physical sciences and related disciplines.

Deep domain knowledge – spanning scientific research and scientific publishing – also helps, as does our commitment to recruit only the brightest and best publishing talent.

We believe that getting those fundamentals right is the only way to ensure a continuous pipeline of innovative, technology-enabled information services – services that will ultimately yield cost/time efficiencies at all stages of the research cycle while also facilitating knowledge transfer and collaboration across borders and across subjects.

Want to know more?

Download our introductory briefing on how IOP Publishing adds value to core publishing activities. (Please note that this interactive pdf is not currently supported by iPads and other tablets. An updated version will be available shortly.)

  • Develop journals and their brands
  • Manage peer review
  • Produce articles for publication
  • Host and distribute research online
  • Archive and preserve content
  • Enable discovery of published research
  • Publicise papers and their authors
  • Collect and make available metrics and statistics
  • Disseminate content physically and digitally
  • Work with multiple business models
  • Support developing communities