Charitable Support

IOP Publishing is proud to sponsor or donate to the following groups and charities among others. Find out more about the charities IOP Publishing supports in our IOP Publishing 2015 CSR Report.

IOP Publishing's charity of the year

Since 2012, IOP Publishing employees have adopted a local charity as their charity of the year. A fundraising committee made up of employees from across the company works to promote and fundraise on behalf of the chosen charity, organising interesting events that create a sense of social community among employees.

In 2018, IOP Publishing has selected Kinergy as its charity of the year.

Year Adopted Charity  Funds raised by employees
 2017  The Julian Trust  £10,782
 2016  St Peter's Hospice  £12,065
 2015  Bristol Mind  £8,960
 2014  FareShare South West  £8,211
 2013  Children’s Hospice South West  £13,447
 2012  BRACE  £6,396

Corporate Social Responsibility policy

IOP Publishing's corporate and social responsibility (CSR) policy reflects our company-wide values which include collaboration and engagement. Our policy is implemented by a committee of employee representatives who meet regularly to review and progress the CSR agenda, agree on future initiatives and allocate funding towards the effective deployment of our CSR objectives for the year. Some of the areas covered by our CSR policy include:

Business and workplace practices

IOP Publishing has a commitment to being a responsible business that aims to maintain the highest standards of business conduct. The preservation of a reputation for integrity and fair dealing is of paramount importance to us. Such a reputation is essential to the long-term well-being of the company itself, employees, customers, suppliers and the community in which it operates.

How do we do this?

To maintain our reputation, we ensure that we:
  • conduct all transactions with fairness and honesty and in a professional manner;
  • build and maintain relationships with all parties based on trust and treat everyone with respect and dignity;
  • not make any promises and commitments that we do not have the intention to fulfil or that we do not believe we have the resources to meet;
  • carry out all financial transactions and financial reporting with due observance of all relevant laws, regulations and financial standards;
  • avoid any activities that could involve or lead to involvement in any unlawful practice or any harm to our reputation or image;
  • have a "whistleblowing" policy that supports our approach to ethical employment practices by encouraging employees to raise, in accordance with a formalised procedure, concerns that relate to potential unlawful conduct, financial malpractice, dangers to the public or damage to the environment.
This policy is reviewed regularly.


IOP Publishing believes that ongoing investment in its employees is core to its continued development and success. How do we do this? We do this through regular ongoing development, training and support to ensure employees are capable, motivated and challenged in their everyday role.

Accessibility and participation

The company is firmly committed to ensuring its services and products and employment opportunities are accessible to all those who wish to engage with us, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, orientation or religion. Our equality and diversity policy forms part of the company's commitment to equality. How do we do this? Our commitment to equality and diversity sits as a principle behind all company policies and procedures. Our website is consistent with the W3C Web Content Accessibility regulations and so compliant with DDA guidelines.

Marketplace practices

Customers In dealing with our customers we aim to operate to standards with a high regard to respect, transparency and honesty about our products and services. Where a problem arises, our immediate aim is to deal with it quickly and professionally. We hope that this in turn gives us loyalty from our customers, allowing feedback to improve the products and services we offer them. Suppliers/supply chain In our relationships with suppliers we aim to make them aware of our CSR policy and understand whether they also operate under these standards. In supplies that involve a supply chain, we aim to ensure we understand what the supply chain is and seek clarity on any supplier that we believe may not operate to ethical trading standards. In choosing our suppliers, we aim to select locally wherever possible, ensuring they understand and comply with our commitment to sustainability. We endeavor to treat all of our suppliers fairly and ensure payment is on time. Community IOP Publishing is committed to supporting charity and community initiatives that are relevant to its business, employees, customers and stakeholders. We do this in three ways through:
  • financial support;
  • volunteering;
  • partnerships.
Our charitable giving programme focuses on four core themes, where we have experience and expertise:
  • education
  • the environment
  • the arts
  • local community
IOP Publishing has an annual budget that is used to support local and international charities in accordance with our CSR policy.