Community Support

Supporting the scientific community

As well as providing the route to publication, IOP Publishing supports the scientific and library community in a variety of ways.

Conference sponsorships
IOP journals are regular sponsors of scientific events – from small meetings to major events IOP Publishing is an active partner to the scientific community to make these events possible.

Prizes and awards
IOP supports the achievements by individuals, teams and organisations in advancing science by sponsoring a large number of prizes – helping outstanding science get the recognition it deserves.

Library fairs
In order to engage students and faculty members, many university and corporate librarians host library fairs. At these events, the librarians often give product demos, invite relevant speakers and give tours of the library. As a supporter of these activities, IOP Publishing has donated literature, materials and prizes, has arranged one-on-one demonstrations of our products and services, and has even arranged for topical speakers.

Travel stipends
Because library funding is increasingly strained, it has become more difficult than ever for new librarians to attend important industry conferences. For this reason, in 2009 IOP introduced a travel stipend specifically for the Special Libraries Association Meeting. To qualify, applicants must be recent graduates of a library science graduate programme; in their first year of professional librarianship; working in a library focusing on one or more of the PAM disciplines (physics, astronomy, mathematics or computer science) or acting as a library's subject specialist for one or more of these disciplines; and have never before attended the SLA. Since introducing the travel stipend the response has been overwhelmingly positive and many of the recipients admitted that were it not for the stipend, they would not have been able to attend the conference.

Hospitality suites
Is there anything more exhausting than walking around a concrete-floored exhibit hall or racing from session to session in a huge convention centre? In order to provide a respite for weary conference goers, IOP hosts hospitality suites at several major meetings. The suites are designed to provide a place to relax and communicate with colleagues in a quiet setting. We provide light snacks and beverages to ensure that it is a pleasing and rejuvenating experience for all who visit.

Corporate events
Unlike academic libraries, many individuals who work at corporations where they utilise IOP content don't actually have a formal library. In these situations, IOP Publishing has partnered with corporate librarians, R&D managers or tech services managers to bring visibility to the information available to all employees. Similar to the library fairs, corporate events might involve speakers or raffles, but sometimes they're just informal luncheons or ice-cream parties. No matter the format, IOP Publishing appreciates the opportunity to work with businesses in this way, ensuring they are getting the most out of their relationship with us.

Promotional support
When a customer subscribes to IOP content, be it one journal or our entire database, IOP Publishing offers promotional support in a wide variety of ways. We offer one-on-one training for our platform, IOPscience; we have eye-catching posters that are freely available for display in departmental offices, reading rooms or the library; we have FAQs in print and online; and we have localised customer service help available to answer any questions. Whether a site wants to actively promote their subscriptions, or selectively encourage usage, IOP is available to help.

Division sponsorships
IOP Publishing is privileged to work closely with not only a variety of large organisations, but also with very targeted divisions within these organisations. In order to recognise the smaller groups, IOP offers support for their activities to ensure that their members are never overlooked. For example, we sponsor a dinner for the members of the Science and Technology Section (STS) at the ALA MidWinter meeting. The STS is a section of the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries), which is a division of the American Library Association. We also work closely with the Physics Astronomy Math division of the Special Libraries Association. It has always been a priority for IOP to give back to these smaller divisions who truly depend on our support.