2016 Japan Prize honours trailblazer Hideo Hosono

28 Jan 2016 alisonhadley
Photo | Hideo Hosono (Credit: Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Photo | Hideo Hosono (Credit: Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Congratulations to Professor Hideo Hosono who has been awarded the Japan Prize for the “creation of unconventional inorganic materials with novel electronic functions based on nano-structure engineering”.

A material scientist, Professor Hosono is also known for the discovery of iron-based superconductors. His research looks at glass-like transparent materials known for their insulating properties and devising ways to add other substances to make them conductive. This research led to the invention of the IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) semiconductor for use in products such as smartphones and TVs.

Professor Hosono, who works at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, is a Board Member on IOP Publishing journals Superconductor Science and Technology™ and Applied Physics Express (published in partnership with The Japan Society of Applied Physics). He has written several research papers with IOP Publishing.

“Professor Hosono has made a number of seminal contributions to the development of new materials, paving the way for new technological advances that we now see in everyday use,” said Leanne Mullen, Publisher for Superconductor Science and Technology. “On behalf of IOP Publishing, I would like to convey our congratulations for this richly deserved recognition of his achievements.”

The prize, which consists of a certificate of merit, a prize medal and cash prize of 50 million yen, will be presented to Professor Hosono in Tokyo, in April, in the presence of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan.